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Current Happenings at Impact Hub Baltimore

As a central space with a diverse community, we serve as a neutral convener, skilled facilitator, and network strengthener. Local entrepreneurs and thought leaders come together in our space to share their knowledge, strategies, tools, projects, and products. Below you’ll find just a handful of recurring events at Impact Hub Baltimore that regularly bring life and fresh ideas to our space:

Empower Baltimore workshop 1

Empower Baltimore will provide support to microbusinesses as they stabilize and scale following the global pandemic. Building stronger digital infrastructure for local businesses and underinvested entrepreneurs will help to catalyze economic development for Baltimore’s communities and neighborhoods.

For more information visit the Empower Baltimore website!

Our popular lunchtime Skill Shares provide a weekly opportunity for social entrepreneurs to share their skills. We welcome anyone to learn about social innovation, education, design, civics, arts, culture and more. You will hear from fellow entrepreneurs and partner organizations with expertise in building impactful companies and organizations. You will be side by side with other innovators shaping tangible solutions for issues affecting our communities in Baltimore and beyond. All Skill Shares are free and open to the public, and most take place Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon.

Want to see if a Skill Share is coming up soon? Check our Eventbrite listings here!

Drinks, Connections, and Conversation. We host regular Member Mixers for members and potential members to mix it up. Bring a coworker, collaborator, or friend to meet our team and fellow Baltimore changemakers!

Want to see if a Member Mixer is coming up soon? Check our Eventbrite listings here!

As a neutral space with relationships across the social innovation ecosystem, we serve as a convener and connector. We are a bridge between sectors, neighborhoods, and networks. Our community is engaged in systems change and brings a unique, action-oriented perspective to conversations with public officials and other leaders.

Want to see if a Speaker or Panel is coming up soon? Check our Eventbrite listings here!

To advance new solutions to local challenges, we convene people around specific issues in ways that focus the collective insights and energy of a group. Connecting around a shared vision or cause helps people to build awareness of their own role in the social innovation ecosystem and take collective action to fill gaps.

Want to see if a Leadership Development workshop is coming up soon? Check our Eventbrite listings here!

To strengthen the work of individuals and initiatives, we host workshops and trainings that build skills and resources. These events cultivate the next generation of social innovators and entrepreneurs.

Want to see if a Workshop or Training is coming up soon? Check our Eventbrite listings here!

Alongside our Grow Program, we host various opportunities for growth and acceleration through programs including the Strategy School for Service Providers, organized in partnership with member organization Twilight Quest, and Courageous, founded by Jamie McDonald of Generosity Inc. and The Courage.Us. Together, these initiatives represent the diverse ways in which we strive to scale the impact of our social entrepreneurs.

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We host daytime market featuring local vendors for apparel, food, and homegoods. These events create opportunity for vendors to network, test products, and build visibility with new customers.

Want to see if a Marketplace is coming up soon? Check our Eventbrite listings here!

Each of these programming categories generates a different type of value for participants and creates the conditions for social innovation to emerge. For the Impact Hub Baltimore community, programming extends the value of the space beyond coworking to actively engage in advancing social impact in the city.

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