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Our Team

The small and mighty Hub team is the driving force behind this vibrant community and inspiring space. We spend countless hours developing systems, designing solutions, and stewarding relationships to serve a growing network of stakeholders. Each team member brings an entrepreneurial mindset, creative energy, and a commitment to fuel real progress.

The current team brings experience in small business development, community organizing, public health, community development, economic development, leadership development, youth development, writing, graphic design, program design, and events. We are multi-talented, multi-hyphenate leaders who punch well above our weight and put everything we’ve got into driving beautiful and meaningful work.

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Our Leadership Council

The Impact Hub Leadership Council was established in 2023 to guide the organization through key structural and operational shifts. They serve as a proto board and meet bi-weekly to guide decisions related to hiring, governance, and operating structures. This group of longtime stakeholders and collaborators plays a vital role in shaping strategic decisions that will ensure the organization’s relevance and resilience as it grows and scales. Each brings tremendous experience as visionary and engaged leaders supporting social and creative entrepreneurs through programs, events, resource development, and community building. Our Leadership Council guides decisions to ensure that our form matches our function, mission, vision, and values.

  • Pres Adams – LISC
  • Steph Hsu – Common Future
  • Jay Nwachu – Innovation Works
  • Shalita O’Neal – GroCharity
  • Rajan Patel – Dent Education
  • Maggie Villegas – Baltimore Creatives Acceleration Network
  • Jessa Wais – Station North Tool Library

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board was established in 2017 to replace our founding Advisory Committee. This board of advisors includes co-founders, former team members, close collaborators, and senior leaders operating at the intersection of economic development and social justice. They provides strategic direction, skills, and connections as needs and opportunities arise. Our team turns to these advisors to shape new initiatives and new opportunities, ensuring that Impact Hub stays true to its roots while evolving to respond to changes in the landscape.

  • Oswaldo Acosta – City First Enterprises
  • Pres Adams – LISC
  • Erika Davies – Rhia Ventures
  • Rodney Foxworth – Common Future
  • Parag Khandhar – Gilmore Khandhar, LLC
  • Jamie McDonald – UpSurge Baltimore
  • Michelle Antoinette Nelson – Brown & Healthy
  • Jess Solomon – Art in Praxis
  • Dan Taylor – Baltimore Development Corporation

It began with a breakfast

Co-Founders Rodney Foxworth, Pres Adams, and Michelle Geiss shared a vision to strengthen networks for a Better Baltimore. Along with friends and collaborators, they organized the first “SocEnt Breakfast” in 2012. In one year, the Breakfast and related programs engaged 1,500+ of Baltimore’s most dynamic and diverse social entrepreneurs, community leaders, nonprofit organizations, businesses, funders, and city agencies. We joined the Impact Hub global network in October 2014 to create a home for this growing community.

Many people contributed their time, energy, and talents to co-create Impact Hub Baltimore. Meet some of our early collaborators who laid the foundation:

  • Elaine Asal – Space Design & Community Engagement
  • Amanda Allen – Program Development & Community Engagement
  • Jermaine Bell – Programs, Social Media & Graphic Design
  • Scott Burkholder – Incubator Program Prototyping
  • Bryan Connor – Graphics, Web & Systems Design
  • Ami Dang – Customer Relations Management & Fundraising
  • Christa Daring – Community Management & Business Model
  • Andrew Hazlett – Member Recruitment & Operations
  • Lindsey Henley – Communications & Member Engagement
  • Oreoluwa Oladunni – Systems & Technology Development
  • Kevon Paynter – Community Management & Systems
  • Kate Purcell – Brand Management & Graphic Design
  • Geoff Stack – Program Development & Community Building
  • Dana Verbosh – Interior Design & Co-Design Development
  • Hasdai Westbrook – Founding Member & Brand Strategy
  • Chris Wilson – Founding Member & Advisor

Project Advisory Committee (2014 to 2016) – Jamie McDonald, Ted Rouse, Danielle Torain, Olga Maltseva Brillman, Jen Goold, Omar Muhammed, Darius Graham, Sally Boulter, Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, Mike Brenner, Gayle Carney, Jeff Cherry, Alison Lambert, Marcia Hart, Mike Subelsky, Michael Cross-Barnet.