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Our team leads the field in advancing equity and economic opportunity through community-building and values-driven space. Our work environment is inspiring, dynamic, and full of opportunities for learning and creative problem-solving. We support a healthy, growing community of social innovators leading transformative work. Together, we are creating a more just and innovative local economy for every resident to thrive.

Current Opportunities to join our team are listed below.

Full-time positions are posted until filled. Worktrade positions are posted permanently for rolling recruitment.

During the global pandemic, Impact Hub has paused its Worktrade programs. As we resume operations, we will revisit the purpose and structure of these roles.

If you have a skill or talent to contribute to our community, and would like to discuss how we might exchange membership for your contributions, please reach out to our team.

Community Leads may support our operations, member onboarding, community building events, outreach, or program offerings based on the skills and interests of the applicant, as well as our current organizational priorities.

Please reach out to our team at: [email protected]

Our small and mighty team is the secret to our success. Join us today!

About Us

To make real progress, we need to work together. Our thriving, diverse community is building an innovative local economy that advances equity and opportunity.