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Connecting Charm City: Innovating Ecosystems
1 January 2019 - Irene Bantigue

Innovating Ecosystems

To advance new solutions to local challenges, we convene people around specific issues in ways that focus the collective insights and energy of a group. Connecting around a shared vision or cause helps people to build awareness of their own role in the social innovation ecosystem and take collective action to fill gaps.

Co-Creating Economic Opportunity

IHB invited leaders of 11 economic opportunity initiatives to share their work with 80+ event participants. Through a facilitated small group discussions, leaders engaged in collaborative brainstorming to make progress on current challenges.

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Investing in Urban Innovators

In partnership with the Aspen Institute, Invested Impact, and Art in Praxis, IHB co-hosted a high-caliber, curated discussion on investing in nonprofits, small businesses, and high-growth companies led by entrepreneurs of color. Speakers from New Orleans, Cincinnati, Oakland, Detroit, and other cities shared successful models and thought leadership in a full-day event with 100+ people.

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Communities for Change

IHB organized an 8-week collective learning process around housing stability and neighborhood development. Weekly sessions with a cohort 25+ diverse participants explored how to advance more community-owned and led neighborhood development initiatives. IHB coordinated with Impact Hub Boulder, Budapest, Harare, Seattle, and Shanghai, as well as the MIT Presencing Institute to adapt the Theory U framework to a specific local issue in need of transformative change.

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